Vision & Mission

We are very proud of our students and what we have achieved in creating our own dojo. A lot of hard work has been put in by the Instructors and Students, to not only create The Honbu but ensure that the standard of Karate is high and to ensure its continuing success.



Our vision is to provide safe places across the West of England where students can learn a dynamic and realistic form of martial art, with qualified black belt Instructors. 

We totally believe in growth from within, we specially select black belt students to become instructors and they are then given extra training to meet our exacting standards. This is a process that can take some years, our vision started 10  years ago with the creation of The Honbu.

With The Honbu, our clubs in local halls and schools we are now very well established as leading provider of martial arts tuition in the West of England, our vision is to expand on that and continue providing places to train for many years to come.


The sad fact is there are people out there who shouldn't be allowed to teach martial arts. Our mission is to show them up by showing you what good Karate looks like and allowing you to come to your own conclusions.

With our new association we will take everything we have learnt so far and embrace other aspects of the martial arts to enhance our current knowledge and provide the student with a robust, practical and realistic form of karate.

We feel it is really important that anyone coming in to the martial arts understands why they perform a technique in a certain way and understand the history behind it, but also at the same time realise that Karate has moved on and whilst tradition is important, see the value in ensuring techniques work for this day and age.

There is no substitute for regular training and we will continue to ensure that every student has the opportunity to train regularly and it is also our mission to ensure that students have access to courses, competitions and gradings on a regular basis as well as training at an elite level if so desired with a view to trying out for the England squad.