2016 Autumn Yudansha Course



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The 2016/17 season kicked off very early with a Yudansha Course on September 11th 2016.

The course, held at Warblington School Havant, was a good chance for students from across the South of England to catch up with old friends but also give Shihan Thompson the chance to discuss changes within the advanced Ohyo Gumites plus see all those getting ready for their dan grades this season.

We now look forward to the next course, the Autumn Gasshuku, to held at The Honbu, Wincanton from Friday 4 to Sunday 6th November 2016. Hope to see you there!



Created in 2018, Nishikan Martial Arts is the next evolution of The Honbu / Wincanton Karate Club which was founded in 1985.

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