2007 Winter Gasshuku

Just before Dan gradings at the winter gasshuku, Sensei Thompson said: "Lots of karate-ka give up after taking black belt, but in reality that's when you're just starting to open the book of karate."

Exploring the fascinating story of modern karate was one of the themes of two superb days of training, hosted by Sensei Roy Taylor in Newbury. Around 70 BTKA students attended all or part of the gasshuku.

In kata, Sensei Thompson focussed on the three Js: Ji'in, Jitte and Jion.

And at the end of the weekend, he held everyone in thrall by stories from his own lifelong research on the early development of modern karate techniques in Japan.

Congratulations to the following karate-ka who passed Dan gradings:  2nd Dan James Gawler (Wincanton) and Frank Tallis (Lydd); Shodan Bill Taylor (Wincanton), Thomas Tallis (Lydd) and Callum Mendham(Lydd).


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