2018 Reality Balance 2

Reality Balance 2 - Keeping it Real was held over the weekend of 7th & 8th July.

The course saw Paul, Brett & Steve unite once again for a weekend of putting the reality back into the art.

The weekend started with covering the essentials, this time in more detail, from shifting body weight to foot work. Techniques were done on the pads as well as each other, practising the same thing in multiple ways is really productive and helps the student improve their techniques.

With pressure testing through the bolier room and the bull ring, students quickly learnt and adapted their thinking from the traditional ethos of Karate to the more practical side of martial arts.

Fabulous course that taught me lots whilst still being fun!


As Saturday came to a close students were asked what sort of things they would like covered on the Sunday, and the suggestions were really good, from knife defence to ground work which gave all the participants the opportunity to shape the course.

We'll be back with the next Reality Balance Course in the autumn, keep an eye on our events page for details.


Created in 2018, Nishikan Martial Arts is the next evolution of The Honbu / Wincanton Karate Club which was founded in 1985.

'The most dangerous phrase in the language is we've always done it this way'

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