Our New Syllabus

As you are all aware we have been hard at work on our new syllabus.

We will be updating the website shortly with our new syllabus.

Whilst the katas will be familiar we have no plans to retain any of the previous pair work and all of the basics and combinations are being restructured. There are also some additional elements being added in.

The syllabus will be split between our main syllabus and a specially created syllabus for the Little Samurais.

Whilst there will be a grading fee for those following the main syllabus, there will be no charges for those grading under Little Samurai syllabus.

Over the Summer we will be recording much of the new content for your reference, but in the mean time please make it to class as often as you can to cover the new structure. This is a very exciting development and we look forward to seeing all you practise the techniques with the philosophy of one size doesn't fit all. 



Created in 2018, Nishikan Martial Arts is the next evolution of The Honbu / Wincanton Karate Club which was founded in 1985.

'The most dangerous phrase in the language is we've always done it this way'

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