Reality Course

On Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th April, Paul, Brett and Steve held their 'Martial Arts & The Reality Balance' Course at The Honbu.

It was great to see students from all of our clubs packing in to the dojo for what was to be an epic course. Starting the day in our gi's for the warm up we soon changed in to 'mufti' for the main part of the course.

A lot of planning went into this course and it was full of not just techniques but also informative videos about self-defence and the law and Coopers Colour Codes. The idea behind the course came about after more and more students are asking about the reality of defendning themselves in the street. The course, which is to be the first of many, painted broad brush strokes on the subject with subsequent courses focussing on specific aspects.

Take a look at the video and you'll see what a great time we had!


Created in 2018, Nishikan Martial Arts is the next evolution of The Honbu / Wincanton Karate Club which was founded in 1985.

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