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An opportunity not to be missed, a chance to train with Karate Legend Vince Morris (9th Dan).

Everyone and anyone is welcome at this event and we invite members from other associations who would like to attend to sign up.

This event carries a MINIMUM AGE restriction, you have to at least YEAR 7 school age on the date of the event.

The sword was considered to be the ‘Soul’ of the Samurai, and the blade itself a venerated object of both beauty and deadly efficiency; a fusion of harmony and function.

The Kissaki is the term for the deadly sharp cutting edge of the very tip.

At most, many karate schools boasted that they were champions of this and that competition, and they were just that, champions of a competition, where rules and regulations prohibited the use of real, effective techniques in the sporting arena. And rightly so, as these techniques were highly dangerous and some even lethal when applied properly.

Kissaki Kai has taken karate back to its origins, past the point-scoring sports forms, and right back to the art of self-defense it once was. It teaches the fundamental 5 elements of Combat:

1. Ne-waza - Groundwork, grappling

2. Nage-waza - Throwing techniques 

3. Atemi-waza - Vital point striking 

4. Shime-waza - Choking techniques 

5. Kansetsu-waza - Joint Locking Techniques

The application of these waza are being guided by the Rules of Combat and the bunkai (applications) hidden in the ancient kata.

Kissaki-Kai Karate-Do was founded by Vince Morris, now 9th Dan of Nottingham, Great Britain in March 1993 at the behest of senior black belt members who had become disillusioned with what the "traditional" karate schools had to offer in terms of "real" fighting techniques.

The serious martial artist can gain an appreciation of the depth of knowledge in Kissaki-Kai by reading the various books and consulting the training videos produced.

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