The Honbu - Wincanton

10 The Tythings Commercial Centre, Wincanton, Somerset BA9 9RZ


What happens as they get older?

Once the student has passed a few belts, or they feel they are out growing the Little Samurai Class we simply start to move them to the Juniors class. There are a number of ways this can be achieved and when the time comes we can discuss the various methods to achieve this.

Will they be learning the same as the older students?

Yes and no. Yes they will learn all the basics as taught to the older childrens, no in that we limit some of what they learn until they are older and are more able to understand the technique.

They will follow the same grading syllabus as the older children but at a slower pace. Once they achieve yellow belt then it is time to start considering a move to the Juniors class.

What are the benefits of training at The Honbu?

Simply, training in a purpose built dojo will focus the student. They get to see the older students and many of our black belts, which hopefully will give them someone to aspire too.

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