Spring Spanish Gasshuku 2016

The course commenced on Thursday 19 May at a new venue. 

The Institute, situated in Javea, very close to the old sports hall, proved very popular as there were no distractions.  The course catered for juniors and seniors of all grades and a lot of kata and kumite practice was covered.

The first day was a three hour session.  On Friday the 20th was another three hour session and this time a lot of the juniors were excited to be able to practice kumite with many of the senior grades, particularly those Dan Grades who had come out from England.  At the end of the session Dan Gradings took place with Shihan Francisco Gonzalez Saiz, the Spanish Karate Federation representative sitting on the Dan Panel.  Congratulations go to both Charlie MacWhinnie and Harry Gilles Ripol on achieving Shodan. 

The last day of the course, Saturday the 21st May, was a double session, lunch time and evening at the Benitachell Dojo.  This allowed Sensei Thompson to cover the kata Saifa, Kururunfa, Useishi and Nipaipo.

Sensei Geovanny and Sarah, the Spanish Instructors, were extremely good hosts and on Friday, they took the whole party to Cafe De Art, for a typical Spanish meal.  On Saturday between sessions, Geovanny organised for the whole group again to go to another Spanish restaurant for lunch.  On Saturday evening, the senior Dan Grades were invited to top quality restaurant La Masena where the chef, Hamid Moujtahid, happens to be a Shodan in Washinkai.

It was a fantastic few days, with superb weather and a great positive, happy atmosphere throughout.  Many thanks to Geovanny and Sarah for a very well organised course.