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Why Learn Karate With Us?

There are a number of different martial arts and clubs available locally, but with over 200 members we feel we have a lot to offer.

No Gimmicks

All of our instructors are qualified black belts with many years of experience. Our Chief Instructor for The Honbu, Paul Hacker has over 25 years experience and is currently a 6th Dan. The club also has instructors and students ranging from 1st to 4th Dan black belts.

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Realistic Techniques

Our syllabus is varied and the techniques we learn, practise and perform have been honed over many years.
Whilst students are able to enter competitions, our focus is very much on techniques that will work in the real world.

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A Complete Style

Very few styles of Karate can call themselves 'complete' but this is an honour bestowed on Washinkai by the Japan Karate Federation.
You will learn locks, holds, throws, ground work as well as stricking, kicking and punching.

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