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Step Of The Way

They say a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. The Honbu prides it's self on helping all students to excel, succeed in their goals and belong to a group which has been at forefront of English Karate for 40 Years as part of the BTKA with Shihan Chris Thompson (9th Dan).
We'll Be With You Every
</br>Step Of The Way
  • 1985

    Club Founded Wincanton Karate Club has been is existence for over 30 years.
  • 44

    Black Belts The Honbu has 44 black belts currently training.
  • 100

    Years + The Senior Instructors have over 100 years experience between them

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe place where students from all backgrounds and abilities can learn a martial art.

'Seven Times Down - Eight Times Up'


Adult Beginners

Adult beginners are invited to come and train in the following classes, where you will be helped...

Junior Classes

Our Junior Class (8+ years of age) is going from strength to strength, we can already see many...

Little Samurai Class

Our Little Samurai Class is for 4* to 8 year olds and is aimed at getting young children in to...

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Why Learn Karate With Us?

There are a number of different martial arts and clubs available locally, but with over 200 members we feel we have a lot to offer.

No Gimmicks

All of our instructors are qualified black belts with many years of experience. Our Chief Instructor for The Honbu, Paul Hacker has over 25 years experience and is currently a 6th Dan. The club also has instructors and students ranging from 1st to 4th Dan black belts.

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Realistic Techniques

Our syllabus is varied and the techniques we learn, practise and perform have been honed over many years.
Whilst students are able to enter competitions, our focus is very much on techniques that will work in the real world.

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A Complete Style

Very few styles of Karate can call themselves 'complete' but this is an honour bestowed on Washinkai by the Japan Karate Federation.
You will learn locks, holds, throws, ground work as well as stricking, kicking and punching.

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On Sunday 5th March Shihan Chris Thompson was presented with his 9th Dan by Neville Smith on behalf of the association.

Congratulations Sensei from us all within your Washinkai family on such a fabulous achievement.

Below are Neville's words;

'As you are aware this is the BTKA's 40th Anniversary and this has come to fruition due to our Founder and Chief instructor Sensei Chris Thompson.

Forty years ago he was like a Captain James T Kirk who famously said from the USS Star ship Enterprise "TO BOLDLY GO WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE" well Sensei, boldly did what no other Karate-Ka had done before.

He had a dream and a vision and he put his heart and soul into teaching and promoting Karate to all who wanted to learn to reach this goal.

Since that day he has worked long and hard to develop and grow the Association to the high standard it is today, he is well respected by other senior Karate-Ka from all over regardless of style or association. His skills and his knowledge are second to none and recognised by all within the Karate world.

The good name that the BTKA/Washinkia holds speaks for its self.

He has written books and made training Videos to pass on that knowledge and understanding to all who care to. He has spent many years working for the governing body assisting in ensuring that Karate retains it's good name and that the true spirit of Karate-do is followed and adhered to.

So it is with great honour and pride that I today have the privilege on behalf of all the senior instructors and all members of the association by presenting sensei Chris Thompson with his Kudan - 9th Dan degree black belt certificate.

I would like to thank Alison for her assistance in making today possible by the Black Ops she has conducted in obtaining the certificate from the closely guarded stash that Sensei has.'

Neville then handed proceedings over to Mike O'Brien who was there representing the English Karate Federation and presented Shihan Thompson with an EKF 9th Dan certificate.